We are a highly multidisciplinary team working on a variety of projects at the interface of biology, engineering and physics. We are always looking for passionate and skilled scientists (postdocs, graduate students, undergraduates) with a sense of curiosity, so spontaneous applications are welcome (can be sent to alexandre.persat@epfl.ch with a CV and a list of three references).

Open postdoc position

We are looking for a motivated graduating PhD student, possibly but not necessarily with a background in microscopy, microbiology, biofilms or biophysics, to work as a postdoc in our multidisciplinary team on problems associated with bacterial mechanosensation.

The project consists in characterizing how bacteria sense and respond to mechanical forces. This work stems from our previous finding on Pseudomonas aeruginosa regulate pathogenicity and biofilm formation in response to mechanical forces . We had found that type IV pili help single cells sense and respond to surface contact (see research section). Our development of iSCAT microscopy for the visualization of pili and flagella in live cells opens new opportunities to characterize how single bacteria sense surfaces. The project has an important component of imaging of fluorescent reporter and image analysis, so computational skills are highly valued.

The position is fully funded and benefits from an attractive salary (starting at € 72,000 per year). EPFL offers a dynamic scientific environment in the international region of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Contact Alex (email a cover letter, CV and a list of three references) for more info!